C.C.A.- Helping Fight Credit Card Recovery Harassment.


Credit Consumers Association is born out of the need to protect borrowers from the high handed methods of collection adopted by multinational banks / Indian banks in recovery of outstanding dues.

Helping Consumers Fight Credit Card Recovery Harassment

Consumers often face Credit Card default recovery harassment. Bank often resort to highly illegal methods. It becomes  difficult for individuals to fight banks alone. Most of the them are small ticket borrowers.

Credit Consumers Association works proactively with such small borrowers and educates them about their rights. We also guide them about the process of recovery.

We educate borrowers on the perils of owning a credit card, how to close an account such that it does not affect their future borrowing capabilities.

We work only with those borrowers who have fallen on tough times and do not entertain any willful defaulter.


Our President Shri Vijay Kamble

Contact Address

Registered Address:
Credit Consumers Association

Bldg No 3/141, MHB Colony,
Ram Mandir Road, Kher Nagar,Bandra (East),
Mumbai 400051 Tel:26471908/26474857
email : info@creditconsumersassociation.org

Admin Address
4, Shree Krishna Gardens, Opposite Royal Palace,
Bhaktivedanta Hospital Road,
Mira Road (East), Thane 401107
Tel: +91-22-28457430.
email: vinod.chand@creditconsumersassociation.org

Committee Members

Shri Vijay Kamble
Shri Krishna N Mokal
Shri Chitambaram
Committee Member
(Ahmedabad, Gujrat)
Shri Tilakraj V Ballal
Committee Member
Shri Girish Gopal Pandey
Committee Member
(Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Raju N Parulekar
Committee Member
Shri Dinkar Keshav Raikar
Committee Member
Shri Pramod Ramchandra Gaikwad
Committee Member
Shri Vinod Kumar Chand
(General Secretary)
Or in case of emergencies you can call +91-9870236336 to speak with Mr. Vinod Kumar Chand. This is a Mumbai number, long distances charges may apply if you are calling from outside Mumbai.

Mission Statement

To provide people a platform for fight against MNC and Foreign Bank’s sharp business practices.

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Read 3 comments

  1. Dear sir
    i am credit card holder of barclays bank because of my financial probleam right now i cant able to them from last 2 month, there collection agent call me 10 to 15 call per day after mental haressment from phone call i had told them in written that make sattelment because i have financial problem but they r not ready for sattelment , when my verbal and written cummunication was going on with bank, at that time there recovery agent came to my home i was not there and they ask my mother for payment after that i got call from one lady she told me that she is calling from barclays legal department (bandra) she has told me that we will make sattelment but before that you have to give Rs 200/- for closing your account after that we will give you sattelment latter, i told her that plz give me in written what you explaining me but she was not ready to give me in writting she told me your paper work is ready for sattelment you pay Rs200/-imidetly after that i told her if you can,t give me in written on paper then send me mail in written what your are verbaly commited at that time she told ok but mail will come on name of our SIr **** i told her ok but next day she call me and told that her sir has gone out side that y he not sent mail to you trust on us please pay i will send you mail later, i dont know she is tell true or false, i dont know what to do?????? i got mental harresment from there calls

    • Dear Mr. Brijesh,

      It is common practice for collection agencies to collect even a small amount on credit cards where payment has been delayed or defaulted. This is to keep the card alive and not report it as a bad debt to the regulating agencies like the RBI. Banks use this method to avoid making provision of outstanding amount from their profits.

      If you are being harassed for payment and if the collection agents are talking with anyone other than yourself (we presume that you are the card holder) then they are in violation of their own accepted code of practice. Please approach the nearest police station and lodge a complaint of criminal intimidation and extortion against the collection agent, agency and the bank.

      If you need any further help call us on 91-9870236336.

      The bank is not going to settle the card for Rs 200/- as the lady is talking on the phone. She is lying about the settlement letter and will not send you any email too as this would be proof of her lies.


      Vinod Chand
      General Secretary
      Credit Consumers Association.

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